Epson ActionPrinter 4500 Review

Epson ActionPrinter 4500 Review

The Epson ActionPrinter 4500 is a populate matrix printer popular in the 1990s. While I can provide you with some essential assistance on using a populate matrix printer, please remember that specific instructions may differ depending on the exact model and any additional features or devices that may be connected. Since my last knowledge upgrade in September 2021, here is a fundamental summary of how to use a populate matrix printer such as the Epson ActionPrinter 4500.

Epson ActionPrinter 4500 Review
Epson ActionPrinter 4500 –

Epson ActionPrinter 4500 How To Use

Configuration and Link

  • Make sure the printer is put on a steady and degree surface close to a power electrical outlet and your computer system.
  • Connect the printer to your computer system using the appropriate user interface cable television (identical or serial).
  • Connect the printer’s power line and transform it on the printer.

Packing Paper

  • Raise the printer’s paper cover or platen cover to access the paper packing location.
  • Change the paper overviews to suit the size of your writing continuous piece with perforated sides into the paper feeder. Make sure the form is appropriately lined up and secured in position.

Setting Paper Kind and Printing Options

  • Most populated matrix printers, consisting of the ActionPrinter 4500, have DIP switches or a control board with buttons for setting paper kind, print quality, and various other options.
  • Consult the printer’s manual or paperwork to understand how to set up these setups. You might need to select options such as paper dimensions, print thickness, and font style setups.


  • You can begin printing from your computer system once the paper is packed and the printer is correctly set up.
  • Open up the document or file you want to print on your computer.
  • Most likely to your software’s “Print” option (e.g., a word cpu or spreadsheet program).
  • Select the Epson ActionPrinter 4500 from the list of available printers.
  • Set up any additional print setups, such as the variety of duplicates or web page range.
  • Click the “Print” switch to send the print job to the printer.

Printer Upkeep

  • Populate matrix printers require routine upkeep to ensure ideal efficiency.
  • Clean the print head and platen regularly to prevent smudging and improve print quality.
  • Change the ink bow or cartridge when it is diminished or if the print quality weakens.


  • If you encounter any problems, consult the printer’s manual for fixing actions. This could include paper jams, connection problems, or print quality problems.

Please remember that the information provided is based on the basic knowledge of populate matrix printers and the Epson ActionPrinter 4500. Describing the printer’s user manual or paperwork is suggested for specific and accurate instructions. Remember that this printer model is quite old, so you might need to look for classic paperwork or sources online if the initial manual isn’t available.

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Epson ActionPrinter 4500 Switch Functions on the Printer

The Epson ActionPrinter 4500 is an older populate matrix printer launched in the early 1990s. While I can provide some basic information about the typical switch functions you might find on a populate matrix printer of that era, please remember that the specific switch layout and functions can range from various printer models.

Here are the typical switch functions you might find on the control board of the Epson ActionPrinter 4500 or a comparable populate matrix printer:

Power Switch: Transforms the printer on and off.

Load/Eject Switch: This switch is used to load continuous paper or eject the paper after printing. Pushing this switch might advance the report or feed it backward.

Pause/Return to Switch: Pushing this switch briefly pauses a print job. Push it again to return to printing.

Font style/Personality Set Switch: This switch might permit you to select various font style designs or personality sets for your print job. Populate matrix printers often had limited font style options that could be chosen using this switch.

Pitch/Quality Switch: This switch might permit you to change the print quality or personality pitch (spacing in between personalities). Some populate matrix printers had several pitch setups, such as 10, 12, or 15 characters each inch (cpi).

Form Feed/Switch/Switch Feed: This switch advancements the paper by one line or a defined quantity, depending upon the printer’s setups. It helps feed paper to the following location.

Tear-Off/Container Switch: Populate matrix printers with tear-off systems enable you to perforate continuous paper along a tear-off opening, production it easier to divide published web pages. This switch might start the tear-off activity.

Load/Discharge Bow Switch: If the printer uses an ink bow, this switch might move the print head to a setting where you can easily change the bow cartridge.

Micro-Adjust Switches: Some populate matrix printers had micro-adjust switches that enabled you to fine-tune the paper position or positioning.

Reset/Clear Switch: This switch may terminate a print job, apparent mistakes, or reset the printer to its default setups.

Menu/Configuration Switch: If the printer has advanced setups or setup options, this switch might permit you to access and browse the printer’s menu system.

LCD Display: Some populate matrix printers had a fundamental LCD that provided information about the printer’s condition, setup, and mistakes.

It is essential to remember that the Epson ActionPrinter 4500 might not have all these switches, and the functions could be slightly different. I suggest describing the printer’s user manual or paperwork for precise information about the switch functions and how to use them. If the initial manual isn’t available, you might need to look for classic sources online or contact Epson support if they can provide any assistance for such an old model.