Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ Review

Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ Review

The Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ is a populate matrix printer popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. While it is pretty outdated by today’s requirements and most likely not commonly used any longer, I can provide some basic instructions based on its typical functionality.

Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ Review
Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ –

Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ How To Use

Please keep in mind that these instructions may not be extensive and could differ depending on the specific setup of your printer. Here is a fundamental guide on how to use the Epson ActionPrinter 5000+:

Packing Paper

  • Open up the printer cover.
  • Load the continuous-feed paper with the openings on both sides into the tractor feed pins on the printer’s sides.
  • Change the paper stress handles to ensure the paper is appropriately lined up and fed.

Connecting the Printer

  • Connect the printer to your computer system using the appropriate identical port cable television (usually a Centronics-style cable television).
  • Power on the printer by pushing the power switch.

Printer Configuration

  • Install the necessary printer driver on your computer system. This driver will permit your computer system to communicate with the printer.
  • Set up the printer setups using the control board on the printer. This might involve setting the paper dimension, print quality, and other choices.


  • Open up the document or file you want to print on your computer.
  • Select the Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ as your printer in the print dialog.
  • Change any print setups as needed (various duplicates, orientation, etc.).
  • Send out the print job to the printer.


  • The printer might require regular upkeep, such as cleaning the print head or lubing moving components. Consult the printer’s manual for assistance on upkeep treatments.

Remember that the specific actions could differ based on your software, your computer system’s os, and the printer’s problem. The printer manual will provide more detailed instructions and fixing tips if you have cess to the printer manual.

It is well worth keeping in mind that because of the age of the Epson ActionPrinter 5000+, it might not work with modern computer systems and os, and finding substitute components or support could be challenging. If you are experiencing problems using the printer, you might consider updating to a more modern and suitable printing service.

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Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ How to treat

Dealing with an Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ involves several actions to ensure proper upkeep, cleaning, and fixing. Since this is an older printer model, adequate treatment is crucial to maintain it functioning effectively. Here is an essential guide on how to treat your Epson ActionPrinter 5000+:


Routine cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt, particles, and ink accumulation. Before carrying out any cleaning, make sure the printer is shut off and unplugged.

  • Outside: Clean down the outside of the printer with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dirt and dust. Avoid using severe chemicals or rough products.
  • Platen Roller and Paper Course: Carefully clean the platen roller and paper course using a damp cloth. Beware not to obtain extra moisture inside the printer.
  • Print Head: If you notice print quality problems, you might need to clean the print head. Consult the printer manual for specific instructions on accessing and cleaning the print head.


Some printer elements, such as moving components and equipment, may require lubrication to ensure a smooth procedure. Use the appropriate lubricant suggested in the printer’s manual if necessary.

Paper Handling

Use top-quality, suitable continuous-feed paper with the proper dimension and specs.
Ensure the paper is appropriately lined up, and the paper stress handles are adapted to prevent paper jams.

Drivers and Compatibility

If you use a contemporary computer system, inspect if any upgraded drivers are available to improve printer compatibility.


If the printer isn’t functioning as expected, consult the printer manual for fixing assistance. It might provide understanding right into everyday problems and solutions.

Storage space

If you are not using the printer for an extended duration, store it in a tidy, dry environment to prevent dirt build-up and potential damage.

Substitute Components and Repairs

Finding substitute components for older printers can be challenging. If a crucial element stops working, you might need to think about professional repair solutions if they are available.

Factors to Consider for Modern Printing Needs

While dealing with and preserving the Epson ActionPrinter 5000+ is essential, remember that its abilities are limited compared to modern printers. Depending on your printing needs, you might consider updating to a more present printer model with better features and compatibility.
Remember that the therapy actions could differ based on the problem of your printer and any particular issues you are experiencing. Speaking with the printer’s manual and looking for assistance from experts acquainted with classic printers could be beneficial.