Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 Review

Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 Review

The Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 is a shade tag printer designed for item identification, stock management, and ticket printing applications. Here are some bottom lines regarding its print quality and resilience.

Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 Review
Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 –

Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 Print Quality and Resilience

Print Quality:

  • The C3400 uses Epson’s inkjet printing technology, typically providing top-quality color prints with sharp text and vibrant graphics.
  • It offers a resolution of up to 720 dpi (dots each inch), which suffices for most identifying and ticketing needs.
  • Epson’s DURABrite Extremely pigment ink is commonly used in their color tag printers, ensuring the prints are
  • waterproof and smudge-resistant. This can be essential for resilience, particularly in atmospheres where tags might come right into contact with fluids.


  • The C3400 is designed for industrial and commercial use, so it’s built to be durable and dependable. However, the specific resilience may differ depending upon factors such as use problems and upkeep.
  • It can create tags immune to fading, sprinkling, and smudging. This resilience is important for tags that need to endure various ecological problems.

Media Compatibility:

  • The printer works with various tag and label media, including matte and shiny tags and adhesive tags. The choice of media can also impact the resilience of the published tags.


  • Routine upkeep is necessary for any printer to ensure ideal print quality and durability. Epson typically provides upkeep standards in the item paperwork.

Warranty and Support:

  • Epson usually offers guarantees and client support for their items. Inspecting the warranty terms before purchasing the printer is a smart idea.

When assessing any printer’s print quality and resilience, it is also important to consider factors such as the kind of ink or printer toner used, the media you will be printing on, and the specific problems where the printer will be used. Furthermore, user reviews and comments from customers who have used the C3400 in their specific applications can provide a valuable understanding of its efficiency and resilience.

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Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 System Sofware

The Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 printer typically has system software to support its procedure and functionality. The specific software consisted of with the printer may differ depending upon the setup and the intended use of the C3400, but here are some common aspects you might anticipate:

Printer Driver: Epson provides printer drivers with various OS such as Windows and macOS. These drivers are necessary to connect your computer system to the C3400 printer and enable it to print.

Tag Design and Printing Software: While the C3400 is an equipment element, it often comes packed with tag design and printing software or offers compatibility with third-party tag design software. This software allows you to produce and personalize tags, barcodes, and tags to be published on the C3400. Epson may consist of its software or suggest third-party options.

Firmware Updates: Epson regularly launches firmware updates for their printers to improve efficiency, include new features, or address problems. You might need to download and install firmware updates as they become available to maintain your C3400 printer up to this day.

Energy Software: Some Epson printers have energy software that helps you manage and set up the printer setups. This software can calibrate the printer, carry out upkeep jobs, or inspect ink degrees.

SDKs (Software Development Kits): Epson may provide SDKs for developers who want to produce custom software applications that communicate with the C3400 printer. This can be particularly important for companies with unique identifying or printing needs.

User Handbooks and Paperwork: Epson typically consists of user handbooks and paperwork that provide instructions on how to set up, use, and maintain the C3400 printer. These documents can help fix and obtain one of the most from your printer.

Remember that software offerings and compatibility can change over time, so it is important to inspect the Epson website or contact Epson directly for the most updated information on the software with the Epson ColorWorks/SecurColor C3400 printer.