Epson Discproducer Network PP-100N Review

Epson Discproducer Network PP-100N Review

The Epson Disc Producer Network PP-100N is a disc publishing system designed for professional use in various markets, consisting of media manufacturing, marketing, and archiving. It is primarily used for producing and printing CDs and DVDs in large amounts. Let’s discuss its design and quality in more information.

Epson Discproducer Network PP-100N Review
Epson Discproducer Network PP-100N –

Epson Discproducer Network PP-100N Design and Quality


Small and Durable: The Epson Disc Producer PP-100N features a small and durable design that makes it appropriate for use in various atmospheres, consisting of workplaces, workshops, and manufacturing centers. It is designed to be like a standard desktop computer or workbench.

Easy Packing: The system typically consists of robotic equipment that can load and discharge up to 100 discs immediately from several input containers, making the process efficient and practical.

User-Friendly User Interface: It usually comes with user-friendly software that allows you to produce and design tags easily and provides options for personalizing the disc’s look.

Network Connection: The “Network” in its name recommends that it has an integrated network connection. This feature enables several network users to send print jobs to the Discproducer, improving the printing process.


Print Quality: The Epson Disc Producer PP-100N is known for its top-quality disc printing. It often uses Epson’s MicroPiezo print head technology, which offers sharp and vibrant color recreation and complex graphics and text.

Durable Discs: The printing process is designed to produce durable and long-lasting prints of CDs or DVDs externally. This ensures the media will maintain its professional look for a long time.

Dependability: Epson is a reliable brand name, and its Discproducer models are known for their dependability. They are built to handle high-volume disc manufacturing with minimal downtime.

Personalization: You can typically personalize the disc tags to satisfy your branding or content needs. This enables a professional and polished appearance that suits your organization’s identification.

Uniformity: The automated disc handling system ensures consistent print quality throughout several discs, decreasing the possibility of mistakes that can accompany manual identification and printing.

Media Compatibility: Epson Discproducer models are usually suitable with various CD and DVD media, consisting of discs and various disc dimensions.

The Epson Disc Producer Network PP-100N is designed for professional disc manufacturing, offering small designs, ease of use, and top-quality printing. Its durable building and network connection make it appropriate for companies requiring dependable and efficient disc publishing abilities.

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Epson Discproducer Network PP-100N Copy and Scanning

The Epson Disc Producer Network PP-100N is primarily designed for disc publishing, which includes jobs such as CD/DVD replication and tag printing. It lacks integrated copying or scanning abilities for documents or other media, such as traditional multifunction printers or scanners.

Its primary functions consist of:

  1. Disc Replication: The main purpose of the Disc Producer PP-100N is to replicate information into several CDs or DVDs. It can copy information from a grasp disc or an electronic resource into blank discs. This works for companies, media manufacturing, or archiving purposes.
  2. Tag Printing: The Disc Producer can also print top-quality tags straight into the surface of the discs, enabling personalized and professional-looking disc identification.
  3. Network Connection: As indicated by “Network” in its name, it has an integrated network connection, which means it can be controlled and managed from another location over a network. This sends print and replication jobs from several computer systems to a main Discproducer unit.

If you need to copy and scan documents or various other media, you would certainly typically require a different scanner and photocopier or a multifunction printer/scanner device. These devices are designed for scanning and copying jobs and are not usually incorporated with disc publishing equipment such as the Epson Disc Producer Network PP-100N.

You would typically use a flatbed scanner or a file feeder scanner for documents to copy and scan documents. In contrast, for media such as pictures or moves, you might use a specific scanner designed for those purposes. A multifunction printer (MFP) would certainly have copy functionality, printing, and scanning for copying documents.

If you require document scanning, copying abilities, and disc publishing, you might want to purchase a different scanner or multifunction printer to handle those jobs.