Epson EPL-8000

Epson EPL-8000

The Epson EPL-8000 is a monochrome printer that was initially launched in 1999. Because of this, it’s quite an old model and may not be as readily available as it once was. That said, here’s a short review of the printer based on its features and specs.

Epson EPL-8000 Review

The EPL-8000 is designed for use in a small workplace or office setting. It has an optimum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, which is reputable for a printer of its age. It can print up to 16 web pages each min, which is also a good speed for a printer in this course.

The printer has a paper capacity of 150 sheets and supports a variety of media kinds, consisting of envelopes, tags, and transparencies. It also has an integrated duplex unit, which enables automated double-sided printing.

One drawback of the EPL-8000 is that it just supports an identical link, so it may not work with more recent computer systems that lack a parallel port. Furthermore, the printer is large and may take up considerable work desk space.

The Epson EPL-8000 is a dependable monochrome printer with excellent print quality and speed. However, its age and lack of modern connection options may make it much less attractive to some users.

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Epson EPL-8000 Design

The Epson EPL-8000 has a blocky design typical of most printers from the late 90s. It measures 16.3 inches wide, 17.4 inches deep, and 10.4 inches high and evaluates 28.7 extra pounds. The printer has a beige-coloured plastic housing with a couple of black and grey accentuates.

At the front of the printer, there’s a fold-down multi-purpose tray that can stand up to 10 sheets of paper, envelopes, tags, or other media. Over the tray, there’s a control board with a 2-line LCD, several switches, and LED signs.

The main paper tray lies near the bottom of the printer and can stand up to 150 sheets of paper. The tray can be adapted to shape various paper dimensions: letter, lawful, exec, and A4. There’s also a back paper feed that can stand up to 10 sheets of unique media.

The output tray lies in addition to the printer and can stand up to 100 sheets of paper. The tray has a flip-out extender that prevents the web pages from diminishing the printer.

The printer has an integrated duplex unit that enables automated double-sided printing. However, the team includes a considerable quantity of elevation to the rear of the printer, so the printer may not be in shape under reduced racks or cupboards.

The EPL-8000 is quite large and may take up considerable work desk space, particularly with the extended back paper feed and duplex unit. However, it has a strong and sturdy building that should endure routine use.

Epson EPL-8000 Speed

The Epson EPL-8000 printer can print at an optimum speed of 16 web pages each min (ppm) with a resolution of 600 x 600 dots each inch (dpi). However, the print speed may differ depending on the intricacy of the document being published and the kind of media being used.

The printer’s first web page out time is approximately 13 seconds from when the print job is sent out to the printer. This may be a bit slow compared with more modern printers, but it’s still reasonably fast for a printer of its time.

Among the benefits of the EPL-8000 is that it has an integrated duplex unit that enables automated double-sided printing, which can significantly increase efficiency and conserve paper.

In recap, while the Epson EPL-8000 isn’t the fastest printer available, it’s still qualified to print at a reputable speed for a monochrome printer of its age. The duplex unit is a helpful feature that can help increase efficiency, and the print speed is appropriate for most small workplaces or office printing needs.

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