Epson ET-15000

Epson ET-15000

The Epson ET-15000 is a high-performance all-in-one inkjet printer designed for small workplaces and workgroups. Here’s a comprehensive review of the printer.

Epson ET-15000 Review

Design and Features:

The ET-15000 has a smooth design with a small impact, producing the perfect shape for small workplace spaces. It features a 4.3-inch color touchscreen for easy navigation, a 250-sheet input tray, and an 80-sheet back tray for flexible paper handling. The printer also has a 50-sheet automated document feeder for easy scanning, copying, and faxing multi-page documents.

The ET-15000 uses EcoTank technology, eliminating the need for traditional ink cartridges. Instead, the printer comes with four refillable ink tanks that can print up to 7,500 color web pages or 10,500 black web pages before requiring a replenishment. This technology helps reduce printing costs and waste, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Print Quality:

The ET-15000 provides top-quality prints with vibrant shades and sharp text. It can print up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution and indeterminate pictures up to 8.5 x 11 inches. The printer also consists of PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, which ensures faster and more precise printing, decreasing ink use.


The ET-15000 is a fast printer that can print up to 17 web pages each min (ppm) for black and white prints and nine ppm for color prints. It can also print double-sided documents immediately, conserving time and decreasing paper use.


The printer has various connection options: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB. It also supports mobile printing with the Epson Connect application, Apple AirPrint, and Google Shadow Print.

Overall, the Epson ET-15000 is an outstanding choice for small workplaces and workgroups requiring top-quality prints at a low price. Its EcoTank technology, fast printing speed, and flexible connection options make it a dependable and efficient printer.

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Epson ET-15000 Check

The Epson ET-15000 is an all-in-one printer that also has scanning abilities. Here is how to check a file or picture using the ET-15000:

  1. Place the document or picture face-down on the scanner glass or face-up in the automated document feeder (ADF).
  2. Push the “Home” switch on the control board of the ET-15000.
  3. Use the touchscreen to select the “Check” option.
  4. Select the kind of check you want to perform, such as color or black and white.
  5. Choose the check resolution, file style, and other setups as needed.
  6. Push the “Begin” switch to start the check.
  7. Once the check is complete, you can sneak peek at the picture on the touchscreen and make any necessary modifications.
  8. Conserve the checked picture for your computer system or shadow storage space solution.

The ET-15000 also supports scanning to e-mail, network folders, and FTP. To use these features, you must set up the check setups through the Epson ScanSmart software on your computer system. The ET-15000 provides dependable and efficient scanning abilities for small workplaces and workgroups.

Epson ET-15000 How to install

Here is how to install the Epson ET-15000 printer:

  1. Unpack the printer and remove all the safety tapes and products.
  2. Connect the power cable to the printer and connect it right to an electric electrical outlet.
  3. Transform the printer and follow the triggers on the control board to select your language and set up the printer.
  4. Raise the scanner cover and remove the ink tanks from their product packaging. Remove the plastic cover from each ink storage container and place them right into their particular ports.
  5. Fill the ink tanks with the provided ink containers. Ensure to fill each storage container to the fill line and avoid overfilling.
  6. Shut the ink storage container cover and wait on the printer to charge the ink system. This process may take up to 20 mins.
  7. Load the paper right into the input tray and change the paper overviews in the shape of the paper dimension.
  8. Connect the printer to your computer system using a USB cable television, or connect it to your network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  9. Downloads and install the printer driver and software from the Epson website or the installation CD that came with the printer.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions to install and set up the printer on your computer system.
  11. Print an examination web page to ensure that the printer is functioning correctly.

Overall, the installation process for the Epson ET-15000 is simple and easy to follow. Follow the instructions carefully and take your time to ensure an effective installation.

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