Epson ET-M1170

Epson ET-M1170

The Epson ET-M1170 is a monochrome inkjet printer designed for small- to medium-sized workplaces. Its simple and small design measures 375 x 347 x 302 mm (W x Decoration x H) and weighs about 6.8 kg. The printer has a matte black finish, which gives it a professional appearance that fits well in a workplace environment.

Epson ET-M1170 Design

The control board lies on the front of the printer, and it is composed of a small display screen and a couple of switches for basic procedures such as power, network configuration, and paper feed. The input tray lies behind the printer, which can stand up to 250 sheets of paper, while the output tray goes to the front and can stand up to 150 sheets.

Among the standout features of the Epson ET-M1170 is its EcoTank system, which uses large refillable ink tanks instead compared to traditional ink cartridges. This decreases the quantity of plastic waste produced by the printer, reduces the cost of each web page, and reduces the need for regular ink substitutes.

Overall, the Epson ET-M1170 has a smooth, professional design that’s well-suited for workplace use. Its EcoTank system makes it an environmentally friendly and affordable option for printing in black and white.

Epson ET-M1170 Color

The Epson ET-M1170 is a monochrome (black and white) printer that doesn’t support color printing. This printer is designed particularly for black-and-white printing and uses a single-color (black) ink system.

While the lack of color printing may disadvantage some users, the ET-M1170 offsets it with its top-quality black-and-white printing abilities. With its PrecisionCore technology and high-capacity ink storage container system, this printer can create sharp and crisp text and video with abundant black tones, making it an outstanding choice for printing documents, records, and other business products.

It is also well worth keeping in mind that by using a monochrome ink system, the Epson ET-M1170 can maintain its costs reduced and its printing rates high, production it an effective and affordable option for small to medium-sized workplaces that primarily need to print in black and white.

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Epson ET-M1170 Entry-Level Release Prices

The Epson ET-M1170 is a high-capacity monochrome inkjet printer designed for small to medium-sized workplaces. Its print rates are affordable with a printer, and it can get up to 20 web pages each min (ppm). The printer’s first web page out time is also quite fast, taking just 6 secs.

Regarding print quality, the Epson ET-M1170 creates sharp and crisp text with abundant black tones. This makes it an outstanding option for printing business documents, records, and other text-heavy products.

The entry-level release prices for the Epson ET-M1170 can differ depending on the intricacy of the document and the print setups used. Typically, the printer can accomplish rates of about 17-20 ppm for standard documents with text just. However, the printer may take slightly longer to print more complex documents with video or pictures, with rates varying from 10-15 ppm.

The Epson ET-M1170 is a dependable and efficient printer with affordable entry-level print prices. It is a great option for small to medium-sized workplaces requiring high-volume black-and-white printing.

Epson ET-M1170 How to treat

To ensure that the Epson ET-M1170 printer functions properly and lasts a very long time, it’s important to treat it properly. Here are some tips for looking after your Epson ET-M1170:

  1. Maintain the printer clean: Dirt and particles can build up on the printer, affecting the print quality and causing mechanical problems. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the outside of the printer and the input/output trays.
  2. Use the right paper: The Epson ET-M1170 is designed to deal with a variety of paper kinds and dimensions, consisting of ordinary paper, picture paper, and cardstock. Constantly use the suggested paper kind for your printer to ensure the best print quality and avoid paper jams.
  3. Use authentic ink: Constantly use authentic Epson ink cartridges for your printer. Using third-party ink cartridges can damage the printer and void its warranty.
  4. Avoid moving the printer often: If you need to move it, turn it off and disconnect it first. Moving the printer often can cause interior elements to become loosened or damaged.
  5. Perform routine upkeep: The Epson ET-M1170 comes with upkeep energies that help maintain the printer in great problem. Be certain to run the nozzle, inspection, and print head cleaning energies regularly to prevent blockages and ensure the best print quality.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that the Epson ET-M1170 printer functions properly and lasts very long.

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