Epson FX-980 Review

Epson FX-980 Review

The Epson FX-980 is a populate matrix impact printer designed for business and workplace use. It is a component of the Epson FX collection, known for its dependability and suitability for jobs requiring continuous printing or multi-part forms. The FX-980 is a monochrome printer that prints in black and white.

Epson FX-980 Review
Epson FX-980 –

Epson FX-980 Summary

Here is a basic summary of the Epson FX-980 printer:

Print Technology: Populate Matrix Impact Printing

Populate matrix printers work by striking a tattooed bow versus the paper using a collection of small pins, producing personalities and pictures through a matrix of dots.

Print Speed: The FX-980 offers relatively high-speed printing for its category, with rates of up to 435 personalities each second in the High-Speed Prepare setting. This makes it appropriate for printing jobs that require a fast turnaround.

Print Quality: While populate matrix printers such as the FX-980 might not offer the same degree of print quality as modern laser or inkjet printers, they are well-suited for jobs that require multi-part forms, carbon duplicates, or continuous printing.

Connection: The FX-980 typically offers identical and serial user interfaces for connecting to computer systems. It might not have a wireless or USB connection, as it was designed throughout a time when these features were much less common.

Paper Handling: The printer supports both single-sheet paper and continuous paper forms. This versatility benefits jobs such as printing billings, invoices, and states that require several duplicates.

Emulations: The FX-980 supports various emulations: Epson’s ESC/P (Epson Standard Code for Printers) and IBM’s PPDS (Individual Printer Information Stream). Emulations permit the printer to understand various regulated languages and produce them suitable with multiple software and os.

Font Styles and Personality Sets: The printer typically comes with integrated bitmap font styles and personality sets, enabling you to choose various designs and dimensions for your published documents.

Dependability: Populate matrix printers are known for their resilience and reliability. The FX-980, like various other FX collection printers, is designed to handle high-volume printing jobs without regular breakdowns.

Sound Degree: Populate matrix printers tend to be noisier than modern printers such as laser or inkjet printers because of the impact printing system.

Remember that the FX-980 might have been ceased or changed by more recent models, and the specific features and specs might differ based on the variation or model.

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Epson FX-980 Complete Specs

The Epson FX-980 is a populate matrix impact printer launched several years ago. While I can provide you with a basic summary of its specs, it is essential to keep in mind that specific information might differ depending on the variation or model of the printer. Since my last upgrade in September 2021, here are the basic specs for the Epson FX-980:

Print Technology: Populate Matrix Impact Printer

Print Speed: Up to 435 personalities each second (cps) in High-Speed Prepare setting

Print Resolution: 240 x 144 dpi

Variety of Pins: 9 pins

Connection: Identical and Serial user interfaces

Paper Handling

  • Paper Kinds: Single-sheet or continuous paper
  • Paper Size: 4.0 to 10.1 inches
  • Paper Size: 3.0 to 22.0 inches
  • Duplicates: Up to 5 duplicates (one initial + 4 copies)

Font styles

  • Eight local bitmap font styles
  • One scalable font style
  • Personality Sets: 13 worldwide personality sets and 13 visual personality tables


  • Epson ESC/P
  • Buffer Dimension: 64 KB


  • Imply Time In between Failings (MTBF): Approximately 6,000 hrs (power-on hours)
  • Print head life: Approximately 200 million strokes/cable

Sound Degree: Approximately 54 dB throughout the printing

Power Requirements: 120 V AC or 220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Measurements: Approximately 16.3″ x 13.8″ x 6.3″ (W x Decoration x H)

Weight: Approximately 15.4 pounds

Epson website or speaking with the item manual for the Epson FX-980. Remember that this printer might have been ceased or changed by more recent models ever since.