Epson L1800 Review

Epson L1800 Review

In the world of printing technology, Epson has engraved a powerful reputation for providing top-quality printers that accommodate both professional and individual needs. Amongst its outstanding array of items stands the Epson L1800, a wide-format printer designed to address the demands of professional digital photographers, developers, and companies requiring large-format prints.

 Epson L1800 Review
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Design and Develop

The Epson L1800 is a smooth, small printer, considering its capability to handle A3+ prints. Its measurements of 705‎ x 322 x 215 mm make it fairly easy to place on a work desk or in a work area without frustrating the location. The all-black outside with a matte finish exhibits a professional mood, matching various work atmospheres.

Print Quality

Where the L1800 really shines remains in its print quality. With 6 high-capacity ink tanks featuring Epson’s ink storage container system, the printer provides spectacular, vibrant shades and sharp information. The Mini Piezo printhead technology ensures precise droplet positioning, leading to prints with resolutions of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. This remarkable resolution capability makes it an ideal choice for professional digital photographers and visual developers looking to produce gallery-quality prints.

Speed and Effectiveness

Speed is a critical consideration for any printing device, and the L1800 handles strike a commendable balance between speed and quality. For standard A4 prints, it flaunts outstanding rates of up to 15 web pages each minute in monochrome and 5.5 web pages in color. However, when handling bigger styles such as A3 or A3+, the speed might slightly decrease to maintain the top quality of prints.

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Among the standout features of the L1800 is its versatility. Past standard document printing, it fits a wide variety of media kinds and dimensions, consisting of shiny picture paper, envelopes, CDs, and DVDs. This versatility makes it a flexible device for various innovative jobs and professional ventures.

Connection and Compatibility

In regards to connection, the L1800 offers USB 2.0, enabling easy and dependable links to various devices. While it does not have a wireless connection, the USB user interface provides a steady and fast link for smooth printing. The printer works with various OS, ensuring compatibility with most modern configurations.

Cost Effectiveness

Epson’s innovative ink storage container system is a game-changer when it comes to cost-effectiveness. The L1800’s 6 high-capacity ink tanks, featuring individual shades, permit users to change just the ink that goes out. This system significantly decreases ink waste and maintains functional costs fairly, making production a cost-effective choice for those who print often or in high quantities.

User Experience

Establishing the Epson L1800 is fairly simple, thanks to its user-friendly design and user-friendly user interface. The ink storage container system is easily accessible, reducing the hassle of refilling ink. However, the lack of a screen may be seen as a disadvantage for some users, as it limits direct control or monitoring of print jobs without a connected computer system.

Final thought

In recap, the Epson L1800 is a standout printer popular for its remarkable print quality, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. At the same time, its speed might not suit some of its rivals in the marketplace, but its ability to deliver spectacular large-format prints greater than compensates for this. Whether you are a professional digital photographer, a visual developer, or a company looking for top-quality prints, the Epson L1800 stands high as a dependable and outstanding printing service.

Essentially, the Epson L1800 exemplifies Epson’s dedication to development and quality, making it an engaging choice for those looking for superior print abilities.


The Epson L1800 printer works with various kinds of paper, accommodating various dimensions and structures to satisfy varied printing needs. Here are some of the commonly used paper kinds that work well with the Epson L1800:

  • Ordinary Paper: Appropriate for daily printing needs such as documents, letters, and drafts. Standard workplace paper works perfectly with this printer.
  • Picture Paper: Particularly designed for printing top-quality photos. Epson offers various kinds of picture paper, consisting of shiny, matte, and semi-gloss, enabling users to accomplish various finishes for their pictures.
  • Envelope Paper: The printer can handle various envelope dimensions for professional or individual communication.
  • Inkjet CDs/DVDs: This printer can print tags straight into specially coated CDs and DVDs, offering a practical way to personalize media.
  • Specialized Documents: Users can try out specialized documents such as pamphlet paper, cardstock, and iron-on move paper, broadening the range of printing opportunities for innovative jobs.

Remember, it is crucial to inspect the printer’s specs and recommendations provided by Epson to ensure ideal print quality and prevent potential problems such as paper jams or bad print outcomes. Using suitable and suggested paper kinds will help maximize the efficiency and durability of the Epson L1800 printer.