Epson LQ-1170 Review

Epson LQ-1170 Review

The Epson LQ-1170 is a populate matrix printer initially launched in the early 1990s. Here is some information about its design and quality based on its specs and features.

Epson LQ-1170 Review
Epson LQ-1170 –

Epson LQ-1170 Desigen and Quality


Form Factor: The Epson LQ-1170 is a small populate matrix printer designed primarily for business and workplace use. It is not as sleek or small as a modern inkjet or printer.

Printing Technology: It uses populate matrix printing technology, which theoretically involves a printhead striking a tattooed bow to produce personalities and pictures. This technology is known for its resilience and ability to make several duplicates simultaneously.

Develop Quality: Epson is known for creating durable and dependable printers, and the LQ-1170 was likely no exemption. These populated matrix printers were built to endure long-lasting use and had a stable building.

User interface: The printer typically featured standard identical and serial user interfaces for connecting to computer systems, as USB wasn’t commonly adopted.

Print Quality:

Personality Quality: Populate matrix printers such as the Epson LQ-1170 can create understandable text and basic graphics. However, their print quality is typically lower than modern inkjet printers.

Speed: The speed of populate matrix printers is measured in personalities each second (cps) instead of web pages each minute (ppm). The Epson LQ-1170 most likely had a good print speed for its time.

Multi-Part Forms: Among the stamina of populate matrix printers such as the LQ-1170 is their ability to produce multi-part forms (carbon duplicates) simultaneously, making them useful in applications where duplicate copies of documents are required.

Impact Printing: Populate matrix printers use impact printing, which can produce more durable prints but may not produce as sharp or high-resolution output as modern non-impact printers.

It is essential to remember that the Epson LQ-1170 is a traditional printer, and its specs and print quality are out the same level as modern inkjet or printer. If you’re considering using this printer today, it may be primarily for specific jobs requiring impact printing and multi-part forms. However, more modern printers would undoubtedly provide better quality and effectiveness for basic printing needs.

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Epson LQ-1170 Cleaning

Cleaning and preserving a populate matrix printer such as the Epson LQ-1170 is necessary to ensure proper functioning and print quality. Here are some actions you can follow to clean your Epson LQ-1170:

Power Off: Before cleaning the printer, ensure it’s powered off and unplugged from the electric outlet to ensure your safety.

External Cleaning:

Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth to clean down the outside of the printer. This will remove dirt and dust from the printer’s surface.

Cleaning the Platen and Printhead:

  • Open up the printer’s top cover to access the platen and printhead.
  • You can use a soft, lint-free cloth or cotton bud moistened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the platen and the printhead pins.
  • Carefully clean the platen and the printhead pins to remove ink deposits or dust.
  • Beware not to damage the printhead pins, as they are fragile.

Cleaning the Bow Cartridge:

  • If your printer uses an ink bow cartridge, remove the cartridge carefully.
  • Inspect the bow for any built-up ink or particles.
  • You can use a fabric or cotton bud gently moistened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the bow.
  • Permit the bow to dry totally before reinserting it.

Cleaning the Paper Course:

  • Sometimes, dirt and particles may build up in the paper course, triggering paper feed problems or print quality problems.
  • Use pressed air or a can of pressed air to strike out any dirt or particles from the paper course, consisting of the paper feed rollers.
  • Ensure that there are no blockages in the paper course.

Upkeep Setting (Optional):

  • Some populate matrix printers have an upkeep setting that can assist with printhead cleaning and positioning. If available, describe your printer’s manual for instructions on accessing and using this setting.


  • Once you have finished cleaning, reconstruct any elements you might have removed (e.g., bow cartridge).

Test Print:

  • After cleaning, power on the printer and perform an examination print to ensure that the print quality and paper feed are functioning correctly.

Routine cleaning and upkeep can prolong the life expectancy of your Epson LQ-1170 populate matrix printer and help maintain print quality. Consult your printer’s user manual for specific cleaning instructions and any additional upkeep regimens Epson suggests for your model.