Epson LQ-850 Review

Epson LQ-850 Review

The Epson LQ-850 is a popular matrix printer launched in the 1990s. While it is not a contemporary printer by today’s requirements, it may still be used in some older configurations. Here are some basic actions on how to use an Epson LQ-850 populate matrix printer.

Epson LQ-850 Review
       Epson LQ-850 –

Epson LQ-850 How To Use

Power On:

  • Ensure the printer is connected to a power source and transformed.

Load Paper:

  • Open up the paper tray or cover.
  • Load the continuous paper or solitary sheets into the printer’s paper feed system. Ensure the piece is lined up properly within the defined paper size setups for the printer.

Set Paper Density:

  • Change the paper density bar or handle to suit the density of the paper you are using. This helps ensure proper paper feeding.

Connect to Computer system:

  • Connect the printer to your computer system using the appropriate cable television user interface (e.g., identical or serial port). You might need an adapter to connect to a contemporary computer system with USB ports.

Install Printer Drivers (if necessary):

  • Depending on your computer’s OS, you might need to install a printer driver for the Epson LQ-850. Describe the printer’s manual or the Epson website for a suitable driver.

Set up Printer Setups:

  • Access the printer setups through your computer’s control board or printer setups menu. Set up the printer setups, such as paper dimension, print quality, and paper kind, to suit your requirements.

Test Print:

  • Print an examination web page from your computer system to ensure the printer functions correctly. If there are any problems, inspect the printer for mistake messages or paper jams.


  • Once everything is set up and set up, you can begin printing. Send out print jobs from your computer system, and the Epson LQ-850 will print them.


  • Regularly clean the print head and the printer’s interior to prevent the accumulation of ink and particles, which can affect print quality.


  • If you encounter any problems with the printer, consult the user manual for fixing actions. Typical issues consist of paper jams, misalignment, and print quality problems.

Remember that populate matrix printers such as the Epson LQ-850 are pretty varied from modern inkjet and printer.

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Epson LQ-850 Cleaning and Peaper

Cleaning and preserving your Epson LQ-850 populate matrix printer is necessary to ensure its durability and efficiency. Here is how you can wash and load paper in your Epson LQ-850:

Cleaning the Printer:

Transform Off the Printer:
  • Before cleaning, make sure the printer is powered off and unplugged.
Open up the Top Cover:
  • Raise the printer’s top cover to access the print head and platen roller.
Clean the Print Head:
  • Use a lint-free cloth or a cotton bud dampened with isopropyl alcohol to carefully clean the print head. Beware not to use excessive stress, as the print head is fragile. Clean until there is no ink deposit left.
Clean the Platen Roller:
  • Clean the platen roller with a lint-free cloth or cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol. The platen roller is the rubber roller that draws the paper through the printer.
Clean the Paper Feed System:
  • Use a can of pressed air to surprise any dirt or particles that may have built up in the paper feed course. Ensure that there are no blockages in the paper course.
Shut the Top Cover:
  • Shut the top cover securely.

Packing Paper:

Transform On the Printer:
  • Connect in and transform on the printer.
Change the Paper Density Bar:
  • Set the paper density bar to suit the density of the paper you’re using. This bar helps control the stress on the platen roller to ensure proper paper feeding.
Open up the Paper Guide:
  • If your printer has a paper guide, open it up to permit easy paper insertion.
Load the Paper:
  • Place continuous paper or solitary sheets into the printer’s paper feed system. Ensure the piece is lined up correctly and within the defined paper size setups for the printer.

Change the Paper Overviews:

  • Change the paper overviews and hold the paper securely in position. Ensure that the article is straight and not skewed.
Shut the Paper Guide:
  • If you open up a paper guide, shut it securely to hold the paper in position.
Test Print:
  • Print an examination web page to confirm that the paper is feeding correctly and that the print quality is acceptable.

Regularly cleaning your Epson LQ-850 and ensuring proper paper packing will help prevent paper jams and maintain print quality.