Epson LQ-860 Review

Epson LQ-860 Review

The Epson LQ-860 is a populate matrix printer commonly used for printing forms and documents in companies. To use the Epson LQ-860 printer, follow these basic actions.

Epson LQ-860 Review
Epson LQ-860 –

Epson LQ-860 How To Use

Set Up the Printer:

  • Place the printer on a steady and level surface.
  • Connect the printer to a source of power using the provided power line.
  • Connect the printer to your computer system using a suitable user interface, such as an identical port or USB, depending on the model and available links.

Install Printer Driver:

  • You will need to install the appropriate printer driver on your computer system. Epson typically provides drivers for various OS.
  • You can usually find this driver on the Epson website.

Load Paper:

  • Open up the printer cover to access the paper course.
  • Load the continuous paper or solitary sheets right into the paper feed system. Make sure it is properly lined up and secured.
  • Change the paper overviews to suit the size of the article.

Set Print Choices:

  • In your computer’s setup or the application you are using, select the Epson LQ-860 printer as your default printer.
  • Set up the print choices, consisting of paper dimension, orientation (landscape or portrait), and print quality.


  • Send the document or file you want to print to the Epson LQ-860 printer.
  • The printer will use a collection of pins to strike a tattooed bow versus the paper, producing personalities and pictures. This process is relatively slow compared with modern inkjet and printers, so hold your horses.

Handling Published Output:

  • After printing, carefully tear off the published web pages from the continuous paper or remove single-sheet printouts from the output tray.


  • Populate matrix printers such as the Epson LQ-860 may require regular upkeep. This can consist of cleaning the printhead, changing the ink bow, and looking for paper jams.


  • When you are done using the printer, transform it off and detach it from the power source if necessary.

Remember that populate matrix printers such as the Epson LQ-860 are considered somewhat outdated, and their use has decreased with the introduction of advanced printing technologies.

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Epson LQ-860 Power Quality

The power quality requirements for the Epson LQ-860 populate matrix printer are pretty simple, just like other digital devices. Ensuring proper power quality helps prevent printer damage and provides dependable procedures. Here are some standards for power quality when using the Epson LQ-860:

Power Resource:

  • Connect the printer to a steady and dependable source of power. Use a based electric outlet whenever feasible.
  • Avoid using power strips, expansion cables, or rise guards unless they are top-quality and can handle the printer’s power requirements.

Voltage and Regularity:

  • The Epson LQ-860 is designed to run within a specific voltage and regularity range. Ensure that the power source suits the printer’s requirements, typically 120V AC and 60Hz for North America or 220-240V AC and 50Hz for many other areas.

Voltage Stabilizing:

  • Changes in voltage, surges, and spikes can damage the printer. Consider using a voltage stabilizer or an uninterruptible power provider (UPS) to protect the printer from power abnormalities.

Power Surges and Spikes:

  • Consider using a rise guard or a dedicated power conditioner to protect the printer from unexpected power surges and spikes.

Ecological Factors:

  • Ensure that the printer is put in a place protected from ecological factors such as moisture, excessive heat, and dirt. These factors can affect power quality and the overall efficiency of the printer.


  • Ensure the electric outlet and any additional equipment (such as rise guards or UPS units) are correctly based.

Avoid Overloading Circuits:

  • Don’t overload electric circuits by connecting too many devices into a solitary electrical outlet or power. The printer should have its dedicated source of energy whenever feasible.

Routine Upkeep:

  • Maintaining the printer and its power cable televisions is an insignificant problem. Inspect power cable televisions for any indications of damage and change them if necessary.

By ensuring proper power quality and taking precautions versus power-related problems, you can help prolong the life expectancy of your Epson LQ-860 populate matrix printer and decrease the risk of damage triggered by electric issues.