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Epson PictureMate

Review recap

With its practical handle and lunchbox form, the Epson PictureMate looks like a boombox without audio speakers, and it is almost as mobile. You will need to be close to an electric electrical outlet to produce 4×6-inch prints instantly, but you can leave your computer system in your home.

Connect in your blink media, your video cam, or your external own; after afterafter that, select, plant, improve and publish your pictures using the device’s recommendation prints and LCD. Cost-effective ink and paper refills bring per-print costs to about 29 cents each picture.

Also, better, PictureMate’s output is really sparkling. However, the PictureMate is slow, and we wish it had a battery load for really mobile publishing. Promoted by Epson as an “individual picture laboratory,” the sturdily built, 5.5-pound mobile PictureMate is certainly designed for taking a trip.

Put back the handle, connect in the AC adapter, fold down the back 20-sheet feed tray and the front delivery tray, and you are ready to go. The approximately 10-by-6-by-6-inch device has 3 multi-purpose ports that approve CompactFlash I and II, Microdrive.

SmartMedia, Sony Memory Stick, Secure Electronic, MultiMediaCard, and xD-Picture storage space media. There are also USB and EXT/IF ports on the back for connecting external Zip, USB blink, or CD owns and publishing from

has the last, while printers with a self-supporting source of power, such as the Canon CP-330, are typically a lot more expensive compared to the Epson. Since the PictureMate does not have a shade LCD for previewing pictures, you will need to publish an index sheet and select from the phoned number thumbnails in a standalone setting.

In purchase to plant a fired, you will need to publish a recommendation template (which can be recycled because the chopping locations do not change) and select from 18 recommended setups. Suppose your electronic video cam supports DPOF (Electronic Publish Purchase Style) and has interior chopping and resizing features.

In that case, it is probably a better idea to cut and select your photos in the video cam. Of course, when the PictureMate is connected to a computer system, you can select and plant photos there.

The printer comes with Epson’s Movie Manufacturing facility, a flexible, album-style software for Home windows and Macintosh that allows you sneak peek pictures, include text, and perform simple retouching, such as changing illumination and comparison, tweaking color, and removing red-eye.

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When you’re publishing from a computer system, a progress gauge appears on your screen and displays useful information, such as the quantity of ink remaining in the cartridge. The Epson PictureMate uses a solitary six-color ink cartridge to produce indeterminate or bordered water-, fingerprint-, and smudge-resistant prints that Epson claims will withstand fading for 100 to 200 years.

Our test prints were abundant and fantastic, with strong blacks, filled shades, and smooth gradients. We needed a 10X magnifier to spot incredibly pass out straight banding triggered by the movement of the printhead. Pictures were properly sharp and free of jaggies. Black-and-white prints had a suitably wide vibrant range, with thick blacks and pure whites without color casts.

It took 2.44 mins to publish a 4×6-inch picture, which is quite slow compared with various other mobile printers we’ve evaluated. The Canon CP-330 took 1.6 mins to do the same job, and the Olympus P-10 cranked it out in 1.1 mins.

While it is certainly not a rate devil, the Epson PictureMate runs silently and is very easy to set up and use. We did notice one efficiency quirk: when you switch out publish cartridges, the PictureMate takes a couple of mins to read the chip on the new cartridge before it starts publishing.

Epson backs the PictureMate with a 1 year warranty that consists of the Epson Trade Warranty for fast substitute for a faulty printer. Automated technological support is available 24/7 through a toll-free number. You can speak with a human from 6 a.m.

to 8 p.m. PT Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays, but it is a toll call. You can also find downloads, fixing tips, and FAQs on Epson’s Internet website, or you can email questions for a reaction within 24 hrs.

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