Epson Stylus 400

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Epson Stylus 400

Most all-in-ones (AIOs) at the $100 degree are studies in compromise on practically every feature. The Epson Stylus NX400 ($99 direct) makes concessions too. Still, itit is better comprehended as leaving out a couple of features entirely so it can focus on doing some things—notably, picture printing—very well.

The NX400 is intended directly in your home use, so it does not have certainly office-centric features such as a fax modem and an automated document feeder (ADF).

But it goes further compared to some home AIOs by leaving out also such benefits as a front-panel food selection choice or a software energy to allow you check and email or check and fax using your computer’s fax modem.

(You can check and, after that, email or fax the checked file, and can check and fax from most fax programs, but that is a function of your email or fax program, not the NX400.)

The various other sides of the coin are that the NX400 provides big-time features that issue for home use, significantly top quality picture output, and checks. You can also publish from PictBridge video cams and sd card, with a 2.5-inch color LCD allowing you sneak peek pictures that get on sd card before publishing.

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The NX400 also offers some features you might not anticipate in a home AIO. The pigment inks help make picture output highly waterproof and lightfast, with a declared 105-year life time framed behind glass. They also make text and video (as well as pictures) on ordinary paper highly smear-resistant.

The smear-resistant ink not just promises to maintain web pages understandable after unintentional spills. Still, it allows you use highlighter without smearing text—something you can’t do with the output from many inkjets. I procured black text to smear slightly by wetting it thoroughly and rubbing it, but the key word here’s slightly. And also took the initiative.

Configuration is mainly standard for an inkjet AIO. Find a place for the 7.2-by-17.7-by-13.5-inch (HWD) unit, remove the packing products, connect them, and load the ink cartridges and paper. After that connect a USB cable television, and run the automated installation routine.

I evaluated using Home windows XP, but the disc that ships with the printer also consists of driver for View, 2000, XP64, and Mac OS 10.3.9 through 10.5.x.

One small distinction in configuration from most affordable inkjets is that the NX400 uses 4 ink cartridges instead compared to the usual 2. Another is that there is no positioning needed.

As with all present Epson printers, the printhead is completely installed and lined up before shipping. Should it in some way become misaligned, however, the drivers consists of a positioning option that you could run.

My first real surprise with the NX400 was how fast it finished our business applications collection (timed with QualityLogic’s software and hardware, in a total of 15 mins 20 secs.

To put that in context, the somewhat-more-expensive Kodak ESP 3 All-In-One Printer took 21:03, and the Dell 948 All-In-One Printer took 26:37. Picture rates in first-rate setting were much less outstanding, balancing 2:41 for 4-by-6s and 6:11 for 8-by-10s, but the top quality makes them well well worth waiting on.

The NX400’s picture quality gave me a 2nd pleasant surprise. Not just is it amongst the best for any consumer-oriented inkjet, it is a suit for photo-centric inkjets that cost $500 and up. Most inkjets today offer pictures just comparable to what you would certainly anticipate from a regional pharmacy or picture shop.

The NX400’s pictures are a lot better than what a major professional digital photographer would certainly demand from a professional picture laboratory. Also, the monochrome output in my tests was noteworthy for its smooth gradients and lack of any noticeable color over the whole range from white to black.

Text and video on ordinary paper just weren’t of the same lofty quality degree. However, they were still greater than great enough for home, institution, or also publishing something in your home to take a right rightright into work.

Just about among our test font styles that you might use for business or institution work were easily understandable and well formed at eight factors, and just one highly stylized font style with thick strokes needed greater than 12 factors to pass both thresholds.

The text does not have the laser-sharp quality I’d want in, say, a résumé. But unless you need to publish at dimensions smaller sized compared to 8 factors, it is great enough for most purposes.

Video quality is a solid point. I saw some banding in the default setting but not in first-rate setting. I also saw some dithering through fairly refined graininess, but that is greater than balanced by the NX400’s ability to publish slim lines that printers shed completely.

Overall, the video is easily adequate for home jobs such as publishing party invites or calendars as well as business output such as PowerPoint handouts to bring right into the workplace.

Depending upon how a lot of a nit-picker you’re, you might also consider the video great enough for publishing output meant for a prospective client, which you need to thrill with your professionalism.

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