Epson Stylus 800+

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Epson Stylus 800+

The scores for this item have been upgraded to reflect changes in the affordable landscape for picture printers. but balking at its price, obtain ready to take out your purse. Its letter-size brother or sister, the Stylus Picture R800, provides equal or better publish quality at a a lot much faster speed and a a lot more attractive price.

While its printhead can be a bit finicky, the R800 still tops our shopping list. But before you buy, you might want to think about the less expensive, fuller-featured, and much less high-maintenance HP Photosmart 7960.

Such as each inkjet printer on the marketplace, Epson gowns the Stylus Picture R800 in black and silver plastic. The input and output paper trays skillfully fold right into the printer to minimize quantity, and I truly such as that the top tray folds up down right into a fairly level surface, which makes it perfect for holding stacks of paper.

While the R800 isn’t small, curved, or sleek, it uses a captive power line instead compared to the block AC adapter that allows many printers to conserve room on the workdesk. I’d take an adapter-free printer over one with a partially smaller sized impact.

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However, it can publish on CDs and DVDs; the R800 does not have a straight-through paper course, which may dissuade those that prefer to try out media. Overall, Epson’s L-shaped paper course works well with a variety of media dimensions and weights, although in my dirty workplace, a protected input tray–the type used by HP–would be a great deal more practical.

4 icon-labeled switches populate the front panel; they control the roll-paper input feed system, the paper-feed, and job-cancellation functions, ink cartridge packing, and the power.

Just about the roll-paper switch have bright LEDs so that you could spot a low-ink warning or a vacant paper tray from throughout the room. It is very easy to change the individual ink cartridges (8 in all), and Epson provides an useful training representation with a listing of the cartridges’ manufacturer IDs.

With 2200, you need to switch the Matte Black and Picture Black cartridges as needed, but the R800 has room for both, so no switching is necessary. But the R800 does not have the 2200’s ink-out light panel, which informs you which cartridges are reduced or empty.

Rather, the provider goes the extra range to rest underneath a plastic arrowhead that factors you into the cartridge–a much less elegant service. This isn’t a printer for the snapshot professional digital photographer.

It is easy enough to usemany thanks to a swap-free cartridge schedule and drivers with double Advanced and Basic characters. But the shoot-and-print target market would certainly probably be better off with features such as an integrated card reader and a straight-through paper course for thick stock instead compared to this model’s ability to publish on CDs and DVDs, its incredibly versatile drivers, and its roll-paper feeder.

The R800 comes with driver for most current tastes of Home windows, as well as Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2.x and OS X 10.1.3 or later on.

Speed and procedure

The Epson Stylus Picture R800 is amongst the fastest inkjets we’ve tested–and it is the company’s quickest by a lengthy fired. It takes just 2.7 mins to publish a top quality picture in shape to a letter-size web page.

This is a big improvement for Epson, which is known to sacrifice speed for quality. Do not intend on using the R800 for greater than the periodic text document. However, its throughput of about 2ppm (web pages each min) can’t compare with that of more multipurpose-oriented inkjets. For instance, the HP Photosmart 7960 can pump out text at shut to 4.6ppm.

Publish quality

First, fortunately: I was incredibly impressed with the R800’s prints, most significantly its black-and-white pictures. Not just are they extremely sharp and detailed, with excellent vibrant range and neutral grays.

Still, they also show much, much less metamerism–the propensity to develop various color casts under various lights–than various other picture printers, consisting of the Stylus Picture 2200.

The enhancement of a gloss overcoat for blacks is another improvement over its big sibling, whose blacks on shiny paper appearance matte compared with the remainder of the inks.

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