Epson Stylus CX3810

Epson Stylus CX3810

The Epson Stylus CX3810 is an all-in-one printer that can print, check, and copy. It is an affordable option for home or small workplace use and can produce top-quality prints and checks.

Epson Stylus CX3810 Review

Among the highlights of the CX3810 is its print quality. It uses Epson’s DURABrite Extremely ink technology, which creates smudge-resistant, fade-resistant prints that are waterproof and highlighter-friendly. The printer can print up to 18 web pages in black and white, and up to 9 web pages each in colour.

The CX3810 also has an integrated scanner that can check documents and pictures at a resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi. The scanner uses a contact picture sensing unit (CIS) technology, which is cheaper and more energy-efficient than other scanning technologies but may not produce as top-quality checks as other options.

In regards to copying, the CX3810 can make black and white or colour duplicates at a rate of up to 17 duplicates each min. It also has a variety of features for copying, such as resizing, fit-to-page, and automated colour adjustment.

One drawback of the CX3810 is that it doesn’t have an integrated fax machine, which may be a disadvantage for some users. Furthermore, some users have reported problems with the printer’s software, such as problems installing and setting up the printer.

The Epson Stylus CX3810 is a good all-in-one printer for home or small workplace use. Its print quality is outstanding, and its scanner and photocopier functions are adequate. However, the lack of an integrated fax machine and reported software problems may be an issue for some users.

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Epson Stylus CX3810 Design

The Epson Stylus CX3810 has a simple and functional design typical of an affordable all-in-one printer. It measures 17.7 inches wide, 18.2 inches deep, 11.7 inches high and evaluates approximately 16.8 extra pounds. The printer is primarily made of plastic, which prevails for printers in this price range.

The control board lies on the front of the printer and features a small, two-line monochrome LCD screen and various switches for managing the printer’s functions. The control board is easy to browse and use, and the switches are receptive.

The input tray, which can stand up to 100 sheets of paper, lies behind the printer and can handle a variety of paper dimensions and kinds, consisting of ordinary paper, picture paper, and envelopes. The output tray lies at the front of the printer and can stand up to 30 sheets of paper.

The scanner cover lies in addition to the printer and can be raised to expose the scanner bed. The scanner bed can accommodate documents and pictures up to 8.5 x 11.7 inches in dimension.

Overall, the Epson Stylus CX3810 has a functional and simple design that should be easy for most users to run and maintain.

Epson Stylus CX3810 How to Install

To install the Epson Stylus CX3810 printer, follow these actions:

  1. Unpack the printer: Remove all the product packaging products and tape from the printer.
  2. Connect the power cable: Connect the power cable to the printer and connect it to an electric electrical outlet.
  3. Install ink cartridges: Open up the ink cartridge cover and install the ink cartridges that came with the printer. Make certain to remove the yellow tape from each cartridge before installing it.
  4. Load paper: Open the paper support and the output tray expansion, then slide the side overviews outward. Load paper right into the input tray, production certain the pile is level, and the sides are lined up.
  5. Install software: Place the CD that came with the printer right into your computer system and follow the on-screen instructions to install the printer software. Additionally, you can download the software from the Epson website.
  6. Connect the printer: Connect the printer to your computer system using a USB cable television. Your computer system should immediately detect the printer.
  7. Test print: Once the software installation is complete, print an examination web page to ensure the printer is functioning properly.

That is it! Your Epson Stylus CX3810 printer is currently installed and ready to use.

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