Epson Stylus CX9400Fax

Epson Stylus CX9400Fax

The Epson Stylus CX9400Fax is a multifunction inkjet printer with printing, scanning, copying, and faxing abilities. Please remember that my knowledge cutoff remained in September 2021, so I can provide you with a basic summary of the printer based on information available up to that time.

Epson Stylus CX9400Fax Review

The Epson Stylus CX9400Fax was designed primarily for home and small workplace use. Here are some key features and aspects of the printer:

  1. Print Quality: The printer uses Epson’s inkjet technology, typically creating top-quality prints with great colour precision and information. It has an optimum print resolution of up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi.
  2. Print Speed: The print speed of the CX9400Fax can differ depending upon the intricacy of the document being published. It offers good print rates for both black and colour documents.
  3. Scanning and Copying: The incorporated scanner allows you to check documents or pictures with an optimum optical resolution of up to 1200 dpi. The printer also offers standalone copying functionality, enabling you to earn duplicates without a computer system.
  4. Faxing: As the name recommends, the CX9400Fax is an integrated fax machine. It has a 33.6 Kbps fax modem and supports speed calling and automated redialing features. It can store up to 60-speed calls and team call numbers.
  5. Connection: The printer supports a USB connection, enabling you to connect it straight to your computer system. It lacks integrated Wi-Fi abilities, so wireless printing isn’t feasible without additional adapters or networking equipment.
  6. Paper Handling: The CX9400Fax has a standard paper capacity of 120 sheets, split between a 100-sheet paper tray and a 20-sheet automated document feeder (ADF). It supports various paper dimensions and kinds.
  7. Software and Compatibility: Epson provides drivers and software for Windows and Mac os. Inspecting the Epson website for the newest drivers updates is necessary to ensure compatibility with your specific os.

As with any item, there may be some advantages and disadvantages associated with the Epson Stylus CX9400Fax. Here are a couple of factors to think about:


  • Multifunction abilities (print, check, copy, fax)
  • Good print quality
  • Incorporated fax machine
  • Standalone copying
  • Affordable price (depending upon when you purchase)


  • Lack of wireless connection (Wi-Fi)
  • Feasible restrictions regarding speed and efficiency for hefty workplace use
  • Accessibility of driver updates and software support in the future may differ.

It is worth remembering that the CX9400Fax was launched several years back, so more recent models may be available in the Epson Stylus collection that offers improved features and improvements. If you’re considering purchasing this printer, looking for more current reviews would certainly be recommended or speaking with Epson to ensure you have the most updated information.

Please bear in mind that this review is based upon information available up to September 2021, and there may have been developments or changes in the printer’s specs or features ever since.

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Epson Stylus CX9400Fax How To Install

To install the Epson Stylus CX9400Fax printer, follow these actions:

  1. Unbox the Printer: Unload the printer and remove any safety products.
  2. Connect the Power Cable television: Connect one finish of the power line right into the printer and the other into an electrical power outlet.
  3. Install Ink Cartridges: Open up the printer’s ink cartridge area and place the ink cartridges according to the colour codes indicated. Make certain they are securely installed.
  4. Load Paper: Open up the paper tray and change the paper overviews in shape to the dimension of your paper. Load the paper into the tray and ensure it’s properly lined up.
  5. Connect to a Computer system: If you want to connect the printer to your computer system via USB, connect one finish of the USB cable television to the printer and the other to an offered USB port on your computer system. If you prefer to set up the printer wirelessly, describe the printer’s manual for instructions on connecting it to your Wi-Fi network.
  6. Install Software and Driver: Place the installation CD that came with the printer right into your computer’s CD/DVD own. The installation wizard should begin immediately. Follow the on-screen triggers to install the necessary software and driver. If you do not have an installation CD or prefer to download the newest driver, visit the Epson website and look for the CX9400Fax printer model. Locate the driver and software area, downloads the appropriate files for your os, and run the installer.
  7. Follow Configuration Wizard: Once the software and driver are installed, the configuration wizard will guide you through the remaining actions. It may consist of choosing your printer model, connecting for your printer, and setting up setups such as paper dimension and print quality.
  8. Test and Confirm: After finishing the configuration process, printing an examination web page is suggested to ensure that the printer is functioning properly. You can do this by opening a file or picture on your computer system and choosing the print option. Select the printer as the default printer and click “Print.”

Following these actions, you can install and set up your Epson Stylus CX9400Fax printer. If you encounter problems throughout installation, describe the printer’s manual or visit the Epson support website for fixing assistance.

Epson Stylus CX9400Fax Detail at Epson Website