Epson Stylus NX125

Epson Stylus NX125

The Epson Stylus NX125 is a fundamental all-in-one printer designed primarily for home or small workplace use. Here are some key features and aspects of the printer.

Epson Stylus NX125 Review

  1. Print Quality: The NX125 uses Epson’s inkjet technology to deliver good print quality, particularly for text documents. However, when it comes to printing pictures or videos, the quality might not be as outstanding as higher-end models or dedicated picture printers.
  2. Print Speed: The printer offers moderate print rates, qualified to print up to 2.9 web pages each min (ppm) for black-and-white documents and 1.5 ppm for colour documents. These rates are fairly slow compared with advanced printers in the marketplace.
  3. Print Resolution: The Stylus NX125 has an optimum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots each inch (dpi). While this resolution is good for daily printing, it may not produce the sharpest and most detailed prints, especially for pictures or videos.
  4. Scanning and Copying: This printer is a scanner and photocopier, enabling you to digitize documents and make duplicates. The scanning resolution depends on 600 x 1200 dpi, which is appropriate for basic scanning needs.
  5. Connection: The NX125 offers a USB connection, enabling you to connect it to your computer system. However, it doesn’t have integrated Wi-Fi or networking abilities, restricting its versatility regarding device connection.
  6. Ink Cartridges: This printer uses individual ink cartridges, which can be affordable since you need to change the colour that goes out. However, it is worth remembering that ink cartridges can be fairly expensive, and some users have reported that the printer consumes ink quickly.
  7. Paper Handling: The printer has a back sheet feeder capable of up to 50 sheets of ordinary paper. It supports standard paper dimensions such as letter, lawful, and A4.

The Epson Stylus NX125 is a fundamental printer with limited features and abilities. It may be appropriate for simple printing jobs in your home or a small workplace where top-quality picture prints or fast printing rates are not a concern. If you require advanced features or greater print quality, you might need to consider various other models in the marketplace.

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Epson Stylus NX125 How to use

To use the Epson Stylus NX125 printer, follow these basic actions:

Configuration and Installation:

  • Unbox the printer and remove any safety products.
  • Connect the printer to a source of power and transform it on.
  • Install the ink cartridges provided by the printer. Follow the instruct by on the printer or the consisted of configuration guide for assistance with cartridge installation.
  • Connect the printer to your computer system using a USB tole television. Make certain the printer drivers software is installed on your computer system.

Epson wdownloadacking Paper:

  • Open up the paper support and take out the paper support expansion.
  • Change the paper overviews to suit the dimension of your writing.
  • Load the form right into the back sheet feeder, aligning it with the right side and sliding it in until it quits.
  • Change the paper overviews, if necessary, to hold the paper in position.

Printing Documents:

  • Open up the document you want to print on your computer system.
  • Select “Print” from the File menu (or push Ctrl+P on Windows or Command+P on Mac).
  • In the print setups dialogue box, choose the Epson Stylus NX125 as the printer.
  • Add print setups like paper dimensions, print quality, or colour options.
  • Click “Print” to begin the printing process.

Scanning Documents:

  • Place the document you want to check on the scanner glass facing down.
  • Open up the scanning software on your computer system. You can usually find it in your computer’s list of installed applications or look for it.
  • Choose the scanning setups you desire, such as resolution, colour setting, and file style.
  • Begin the colour-canning process. The scanner will catch the document and wait as an electronic file on your computer system.

Copying Documents:

  • Place the document you want to copy on the scanner glass, facing down.
  • Use the printer’s control board switches to select the variety of duplicates and change any copy setups, such as paper kind, paper dimension, or enlargement/decrease options.
  • Push the “Begin” or “Copy” switch on the printer to start the copying process. The printer will check the document and produce the preferred variety of duplicates.

These actions provide a basic summary of how to use the Epson Stylus NX125 printer. It is important to consult the printer’s user manual or paperwork for detailed instructions and specific assistance using its features and setups.

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