Epson SureColor S50670 Production Edition

Epson SureColor S50670 Production Edition

Key features of the Epson SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version system consist of the following.

Epson SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version Sistem

  1. PrecisionCore Print Head: The printer uses Epson’s PrecisionCore technology, which features advanced printhead technology to deliver high-speed, high-precision printing with superior picture quality.
  2. UltraChrome GS2 Ink: The printer uses the solvent-based formula of Epson’s UltraChrome GS2 ink. This ink provides a broad color range, excellent color precision, and resilience on various media, including plastic, fabric, canvas, and more.
  3. Dual-Array PrecisionCore TFP Print Goings: The SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version features double PrecisionCore TFP (Slim Movie Piezo) print goings, which permit for high-speed, simultaneous printing of 2 shades of each print head. This enables much faster printing rates and enhanced efficiency.
  4. High-Speed Printing: The printer can print at up to 980 settle feet each hr, enabling efficient manufacturing printing of large-style video, signs, banners, and various other applications.
  5. Dual-Roll Support: The SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version has an integrated dual-roll system, enabling simultaneous printing on two various media rolls. This feature improves efficiency by decreasing media packing times and enables various jobs to be published simultaneously.
  6. Accuracy Media Feeding System: Epson’s Accuracy Media Feeding System ensures accurate and dependable media handling, reducing misfeeds and paper jams. This system comprises a mechanized roll-to-roll system with stress control and a sophisticated auto-take-up system for media handling.
  7. Flexible Media Compatibility: The printer supports a wide variety of media kinds, consisting of plastic, canvas, photo paper, sticky back plastic, fabric, and more. It can handle media widths up to 64 inches.
  8. Advanced Color Management: The SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version includes advanced color management features, such as the Epson Accuracy Populate testing formula and integrated color calibration devices. These features help ensure accurate and consistent color recreation.
  9. Easy-to-Use Control Panel: The printer features a user-friendly control board with a full-color LCD screen, providing easy access to printer setups, job conditions, and upkeep functions.

Overall, the Epson SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version is designed for experts in the visual arts, signs, and printing markets that require top quality, high-speed, and flexible manufacturing printing abilities.

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Epson SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version How To Install

Installing the Epson SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version printer involves several actions. Here is a basic outline of the installation process:

  1. Unpacking: Begin by unpacking the printer and removing all product packaging products and tapes. Ensure you handle the printer carefully and follow any specific instructions on the product packaging.
  2. Placing: Find an appropriate place for the printer. Ensure that space around the printer is sufficient for proper airflow and upkeep access. Follow the standards provided in the printer’s user manual regarding positioning and ecological problems.
  3. Power Link: Connect the printer to a power source using the provided power line. Make sure the source of power meets the printer’s voltage requirements. Avoid using expansion cables or power strips, preferably.
  4. Ink Cartridge Installation: Open the ink cartridge cover and wait for the printhead to transfer to the ink cartridge substitute position. Remove the ink cartridges from their product packaging and place them right into their particular ports, following the color-coded tags. Push down carefully until they click right into place.
  5. Packing Media: Open up the media roll owners and place the media roll(s) right into the assigned ports. Ensure the media is appropriately lined up, and smooth the roll’s side. Follow the instructions in the user manual to properly string the media through the printer’s feeding system.
  6. Control Panel Configuration: Power on the printer and follow the instructions on the control board to set the language, day, and time. You might need to browse the setups using the control board switches and LCD screen.
  7. Software Installation: Install the printer driver and software on your computer system. The installation CD or DVD usually comes with the printer. Additionally, you can download the newest driver and software from the Epson website. Follow the on-screen triggers to complete the installation.
  8. Link to a Computer System: Connect the printer to your computer system using a USB cable television or via a network link, depending upon your configuration. Make sure the link is secure.
  9. Calibration and Setup: Once the printer is connected, you might need to perform calibration and setup treatments. This may involve operating the printer’s calibration energy or changing setups in the printer drivers software. Describe the user manual for specific instructions on calibration and setup treatments.
  10. Test Print: After finishing the installation and calibration, it is brilliant to perform an examination print to ensure the printer is functioning correctly. Use an example picture or document to confirm the print quality and color precision.

Consider the Epson SureColor S50670 Manufacturing Version user manual for detailed instructions on your printer model. The manual will provide extensive installation, configuration, upkeep, and fixing assistance.

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