Epson SureColor S60600L

Epson SureColor S60600L

The Epson SureColor S60600L is an oversized printer designed for professional video and sign applications. It’s particularly customized to satisfy the needs of design experts that require top-quality prints with vibrant shades and remarkable resilience.

Epson SureColor S60600L Design

Here are some key features of the Epson SureColor S60600L:

PrecisionCore Technology

The printer uses Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore printhead technology, which provides precise and consistent droplet positioning for sharp information and smooth gradations.

UltraChrome GS3 Inks

The SureColor S60600L uses Epson UltraChrome GS3 solvent inks, which provide a broad color range and excellent color vibrancy. These inks are highly immune to fading and deliver long-lasting prints, ensuring the designs maintain their aesthetic impact in time.

Double PrecisionCore TFP Printheads

The printer integrates double PrecisionCore TFP (Slim Movie Piezo) printheads, resulting in fast print rates without jeopardizing print quality. The dual-head setup enables simultaneous printing of 2 various ink sets, enhancing efficiency.

Print Speed and Resolution

The SureColor S60600L can accomplish print rates of up to 550 settle feet each hr, enabling efficient manufacturing of large-scale designs. It supports an optimum print resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi, ensuring precise and highly detailed output.

Flexible Media Handling

With the SureColor S60600L, you can print on various media kinds, including plastic, canvas, movie, and photo paper. The printer supports rolls up to 64 inches wide, providing versatility in accommodating multiple design jobs.

Automated Upkeep

Epson has designed the SureColor S60600L with automated upkeep features, such as an ink upkeep storage container and fabric wiper system. These features help to improve the printer’s procedure and decrease downtime for upkeep jobs.

Process and Connection

The printer works with various design software applications and offers several connection options, including USB and Ethernet links. It also supports remote printer management, enabling you to monitor and control print jobs centrally.

Overall, the Epson SureColor S60600L is an effective and dependable large-style printer designed to satisfy professional developers’ requirements. It combines top-quality output, fast print rates, flexible media handling, and automated upkeep features to optimize efficiency and deliver remarkable visual and sign application outcomes.

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Epson SureColor S60600L Sistem

The Epson SureColor S60600L is a sophisticated printing system that combines various technologies and elements to deliver top-quality prints. Here are some critical aspects of the system:

  1. PrecisionCore Printhead Technology: The SureColor S60600L integrates Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead technology. This printhead comprises thousands of tiny nozzles that control the positioning and dimension of ink beads, leading to sharp information, smooth gradients, and accurate color recreation.
  2. UltraChrome GS3 Solvent Inks: The printer uses Epson UltraChrome GS3 solvent inks specially developed for vibrant and long-lasting prints. These high-density inks provide a broad color range, excellent adhesion, and remarkable resistance to fading, sprinkling, and scrapes.
  3. Double PrecisionCore TFP Printheads: The SureColor S60600L features 2 PrecisionCore TFP printheads, which collaborate to improve efficiency and print quality. The dual-head setup enables simultaneous printing of 2 various ink sets, maximizing effectiveness and decreasing printing time.
  4. Media Handling System: The printer is equipped with a durable media handling system designed to accommodate a variety of media kinds and dimensions. It supports rolls up to 64 inches wide and features a sophisticated auto-tension control system to ensure precise and consistent media feeding throughout the printing process.
  5. Advanced Drying-Out Technology: To ensure fast drying-out times and prevent ink smudging, the SureColor S60600L uses advanced drying-out technology. This consists of an integrated post-heater and an optional additional clothes dryer unit, which collaborate to accelerate the drying-out process, enabling immediate handling and finishing of prints.
  6. Accuracy Populate Technology: Epson’s Populate testing formula enhances populate positioning on the published media, leading to smooth gradations, sharp text, and accurate line recreation. This technology helps accomplish remarkable picture quality and delicate information in high-resolution video and small-sized text.
  7. User-Friendly Control Panel: The printer features a user-friendly control board with a full-color LCD screen, providing user-friendly navigation and control over print setups, job management, and upkeep jobs. It allows users to monitor ink degrees, clean printhead, and access other essential functions.
  8. Connection and Process Options: The SureColor S60600L offers various connection options to improve the printing process. It supports USB and Ethernet links for direct printing from a computer system or network and works with popular design software applications. Furthermore, remote printer management abilities enable monitoring and control of print jobs from a central place.

Overall, the Epson SureColor S60600L integrates an advanced printing system that combines printhead technology, top-quality inks, precise media handling, and intelligent features to deliver outstanding print efficiency for professional video and sign applications.

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