Epson SureColor S80600L

Epson SureColor S80600L

The Epson SureColor S80600L is a large-format inkjet printer designed for professional printing applications. It’s an upgraded variation of the Epson SureColor S80600, offering improved features and abilities. Here is a summary of the printer.

Epson SureColor S80600L Summary

Printing Technology

The SureColor S80600L uses Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore® printhead technology, which enables high-resolution and high-speed printing with accuracy and precision. It uses Epson’s UltraChrome® GS3 solvent inks, which deliver a broad color range and excellent color vibrancy.

Print Quality

The printer offers remarkable picture quality with an optimum resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi. It supports various media kinds, including plastic, canvas, movie, and photo paper, enabling flexible printing applications.

Wide Color Range

With the UltraChrome GS3 solvent inks, the SureColor S80600L creates a broad color range, ensuring accurate color recreation and vibrant prints. The printer supports up to 9 shades (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange, and White), enabling precise color coordination.

Efficiency and Speed

The SureColor S80600L is designed to deliver high efficiency. It features a double PrecisionCore printhead system, which enables much faster printing rates without jeopardizing print quality. The printer supports both single-pass and bi-directional printing settings, maximizing effectiveness.


This printer offers versatility regarding media handling. It supports various roll-based media widths up to 64 inches (162.6 centimeters). It also features a sophisticated media handling system with auto-tension control, ensuring smooth and accurate media feeding.

Process and Connection

The SureColor S80600L is equipped with Epson Edge® Print RIP software, which provides advanced color management and job control options. It also supports various connection options, including USB, Ethernet, and optional Wi-Fi, enabling smooth integration into different processes.

Dependability and Resilience

Epson has designed the SureColor S80600L with resilience in mind. It integrates a durable industrial-grade building, ensuring long-lasting efficiency and dependability in manufacturing atmospheres. The printer also has a sophisticated PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead, which offers improved nozzle confirmation and cleaning systems to minimize upkeep and downtime.

Overall, the Epson SureColor S80600L is a feature-rich large-format inkjet printer that combines top-quality output, efficiency, and versatility, production it appropriate for a wide variety of professional printing applications, consisting of signs, banners, vehicle wraps, and more.

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Epson SureColor S80600L How to use

To use the Epson SureColor S80600L printer, follow these basic actions:

  1. Configuration and Installation: Establish the printer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically involves assembling any necessary components, such as the stand and roll media owners. Install the ink cartridges and ensure they are adequately sitting. Connect the printer to a power source and develop a link for your computer system or network.
  2. Packing Media: Open up the media roll owners and load the appropriate media roll into the owners. Change the stress control to ensure proper media feeding. Follow the printer’s manual for detailed instructions on packing various media.
  3. Software Configuration: Install the printer drivers and any software provided by Epson. This software will enable your computer system to communicate with the printer. Follow the installation instructions and set up the setups per your requirements.
  4. Print Setups: Open up the software you intend to use for printing, such as Adobe Photoshop or Epson Side Print RIP. Set up the print setups, consisting of paper dimensions, print quality, color management, and various other appropriate options. Consult the software’s user manual or Epson’s paperwork for specific instructions on using their software.
  5. Sending out a Print Job: Once the setups are set up, open up the file you want to print. Select the print regulator in the software, and ensure that the Epson SureColor S80600L is selected as the printer. Change any additional print setups as needed, such as scaling or orientation. Sneak peek the print job, if available, and send it out to the printer.
  6. Monitoring the Print Job: Throughout the printing process, you can watch the printer’s progress using the printer control board or the software user interface. Some printers may provide additional features like ink degree monitoring or job line management. Watch on the printer to ensure it’s functioning correctly.
  7. Finishing and Upkeep: Once the print job is finished, permit the prints to dry if necessary. Cut or cut the images as needed. Perform routine upkeep jobs suggested by Epson, such as printhead cleaning or calibration, to maintain ideal print quality and prolong the printer’s life expectancy.

Consider the Epson SureColor S80600L user manual for detailed instructions on your printer model. It provides extensive information on configuration, procedure, and upkeep treatments to maximize your printer.

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