Epson XP-330

Epson XP-330

The Epson XP-330 is an affordable all-in-one inkjet printer designed for home users. Here is a brief review of its features and efficiency:

Epson XP-330 Review


  • Print, copy, and check functionality
  • 1.44-inch colour LCD screen for easy navigating
  • Wireless connection via Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Mobile printing through Epson Connect and Apple AirPrint
  • Small and lightweight design


  • The XP-330 uses individual ink cartridges, which can assist in saving money by just changing the shades that run out.
  • The print quality benefits text documents and introductory videos, but not ideal for top-quality or detailed pictures.
  • The print speed is average, with black and white documents printing at about nine web pages each min and colour documents printing at about 4.5 web pages each min.
  • The scanner can create high-quality checks but be slow and loud.

Overall, the Epson XP-330 is an excellent choice for home users that need basic printing, copying, and scanning abilities. It is affordable, easy to use, and has a small design that will not take up to much space on a work desk or rack. However, you might want to consider a higher-end printer if you need to print top-quality pictures or need much faster printing rates.

Epson XP-330 Design

The Epson XP-330 has a small and lightweight design, which makes it easy to suit small spaces. It measures 15.4 x 11.8 x 5.7 inches (W x Decoration x H) and evaluates over nine extra pounds when shut.

The printer is made of black plastic with silver accentuates, giving it a smooth and modern appearance. It has a simple control board with a 1.44-inch colour LCD screen and several switches for browsing menus and carrying out essential functions. The control board lies on the front of the printer and can be slanted upwards for easier viewing.

The input tray lies at the printer’s rear and can stand up to 100 sheets of ordinary paper or 20 sheets of picture paper. The output tray lies at the front of the printer and can stand up to 30 sheets of paper.

Overall, the Epson XP-330 has a simple and functional design that should attract home users that need a virtual printer without all the bells and whistles.

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Epson XP-330 Speed

The Epson XP-330 has average print rates for its course. Here are the approximated rates:

  • Black and white documents: Up to 9 web pages each min (ppm)
  • Colour documents: Up to 4.5 ppm

These rates are based upon ISO print rates, measured using standard test web pages and may not reflect real-world efficiency. In practice, the actual print rates may differ depending upon factors such as the intricacy of the document, the quality setups selected, and the kind of paper used.

Along with printing, the XP-330 also has copying and scanning functions. However, these functions can be slower compared to printing. The scanner can take up to 15 secs each web page, and the copying speed can differ depending on the intricacy of the document and the setups selected.

Overall, the Epson XP-330 is appropriate for home users that do not require high-volume printing or fast efficiency. If you need a quicker printer, you might want to think about a higher-end model.

Epson XP-330 Durability

In regards to durability, the Epson XP-330 is a relatively dependable printer for home users. It has a durable plastic building and should have the ability to endure normal deterioration.

One potential issue with the XP-330 is its ink system. Such as most inkjet printers, the XP-330 uses fluid ink cartridges, which can dry or clog if not used regularly. If the printer rests still for an extended period, the ink may dry and prevent the printer from functioning correctly. To prevent this, printing a couple of web pages every couple of weeks is suggested to maintain the ink streaming.

Another potential issue with the XP-330 is its paper handling. The input tray can stand up to 100 sheets of ordinary paper or 20 sheets of picture paper, which may not suffice for some users. Additionally, the output tray can stand up to 30 sheets of paper, meaning you might need to empty it often if you are printing large jobs.

Overall, the Epson XP-330 is a dependable printer for home use if you maintain the ink system in an excellent functioning purchase and do not overload the paper trays. It is a perfect choice for users that do not need durable printing or scanning abilities.

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