Epson XP-410

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Epson XP-410

With customer electronic devices, they either go big or go small. You had probably want the greatest TV you can afford, but you had want a small songs gamer that slides inside a pocket. Printers, however, remain in a strange place. Most individuals find them unpleasant because of their dimension, often concealing them behind a wardrobe door.

Manufacturers attempt to make them small and small, as well as more aesthetically attractive. Still, they can just make them so small when they are determined by physical paper dimension and features.

Epson approaches this dilemma with a line of all-in-one (AIO) models; the phone telephone calls Expression Small-in-One, designed for home users that want to do publishing, copying, and scanning. We have currently looked at the Expression Premium XP-800 – among the higher-end models – but we currently transform our eyes towards all-time low: the $99 Expression Home XP-410.

Features and design

The XP-410 will not give you the features and publish quality of a $400 multifunction printer, but it provides a sensible quantity of functionality for a sensible price. It is a three-function device that will publish, copy, and check, but there is no fax or an automated document feeder – 2 practical features necessary to white-collar worker. Still, home users can do without it if it means considerable savings.

The Small-in-One is an appropriate name: It uses just 15.4 x 11.8 inches on your desktop computer and is simply 5.7 inches high. Unpacked, the XP-410 evaluates nine extra pounds, production it easy to move from one place to another if necessary. When publishing, you will need simply a little bit more room since the published output departures near the bottom front of the unit.

Unlike many recently evaluated AIOs, the XP-410 doesn’t use paper cassettes. Paper is packed on top of the device, and there is room in the paper port for 100 sheets – relatively standard for small AIOs.

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The XP-410 is limited to 8.5-inch wide paper, but you can use paper as lengthy as 44 inches if you want to publish banners. The XP-410 can also publish on picture paper as small as 4 x 6 inches or as large as 8 x 10 inches.

Epson explains the XP-410 as having the ability to publish pictures. That is not truly the like being a picture printer, which is Epson’s schedule drops within the Stylus Picture collection.

In the previous, the significant distinction in between a printer qualified for publishing pictures and a dedicated picture printer comes to maximum resolution. Today, it’s usually the variety of color inks the printer uses. For instance, Epson’s wide-format Profesional 3880 uses 9 shades of ink.

The XP-410 uses the standard 4 shades of ink – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, and each are included in a different storage container, so when you run from one color of ink, you do not end up changing shades where you still have ink left, which is what happens when you have a printer that uses tri-color cartridges.

The ink collection used is Epson’s DURABrite Extremely, a pigment-based ink. Pigment inks actually have small bits of colored material instead compared to simply a colored fluid (which is used in dye-based inks).

The pigment inks have the benefit of leaving the color bits externally of the paper. In contrast, dye-based inks have the tendency to saturate right into the paper, leaving much less color externally. Pigment inks usually give a publish rather better publish quality and more vibrant and more filled shades.

What’s in package

Package includes the XP-410, a power cable, a configuration poster, a user’s guide, and 4 ink cartridges. Also consisted of a DVD which contains a printer driver for a PC or Mac and scanner drivers.

This particular model doesn’t come with a tons of additional energies, neither is it qualified for publishing on a CD or DVD, and because of this, does not have the extra tray that some Epson models consist of.

Neither was unique paper consisted of for going positioning, as we’ve found with various other models in the Small-in-One collection. However, this didn’t show to be an obstacle when carrying out the positioning.

Efficiency and use

Unpacking and establishing the XP-410 is routine. A quick-start poster takes you through the simple configuration of powering the unit and installing the ink tanks. The XP-410 can communicate using a USB cable television or Wi-Fi.

While there’s no wired Ethernet capability, Wi-Fi and an Internet link provide access to Epson Connect, which allows you publish from remote locations or through any connected device such as a mobile phone or tablet computer. You can also use Epson Check To Shadow to check and store documents and pictures on anan on the internet storage space account such as Dropbox.

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