Epson XP-860

Epson XP-860

The Epson XP-860 is a multifunctional inkjet printer designed for home or small workplace use. It’s a sleek and modern design, with a black and silver design that appears stylish on any work desk or work area.

Epson XP-860 Design

The printer measures approximately 15.4 inches in size, 13.3 inches extensive, and 7.5 inches in elevation, producing a small enough shape on a work desk or rack. It has a turning 4.3-inch colour LCD touch screen that enables easy navigation and procedure of the printer.

The XP-860 features a 30-page automated document feeder, which enables efficient scanning, copying, and faxing of multiple-page documents. It also has a front-loading paper tray that can stand up to 100 sheets of ordinary paper or up to 20 sheets of picture paper.

Overall, the Epson XP-860 has a contemporary and sleek design well-suited for home or small workplace use. Its small dimension, touch screen user interface and automated document feeder make it a practical and efficient choice for printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

Epson XP-860 Quality

The Epson XP-860 is a top-quality inkjet printer that produces sharp, vibrant, and long-lasting prints. It uses six individual ink cartridges, consisting of a Picture Black cartridge, to produce detailed and accurate prints with a broad colour range.

The printer’s maximum print resolution is 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi, which means it can produce good information and sharp text. It also features automated duplex printing, which allows you to print on both sides of the paper, decreasing paper waste and conserving money.

The XP-860 can print on various media, including ordinary paper, picture paper, envelopes, and cardstock. It also supports indeterminate picture printing, enabling you to print edge-to-edge with no white boundaries.

Along with printing, the XP-860 can also check, copy, and fax documents. Its scanner has an optimum resolution of 4800 dpi, which allows it to catch sufficient information in pictures and documents. The printer also features an automated document feeder for scanning, copying, and faxing multiple-page documents.

Overall, the Epson XP-860 is a top-quality inkjet printer that can produce sharp and accurate prints, whether printing text documents, videos, or pictures. Its advanced features, such as automated duplex printing and automated document feeder, make it a flexible and efficient choice for home or small workplace use.

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Epson XP-860 Speed

The Epson XP-860 is a fairly fast inkjet printer that prints up to 9.5 web pages each min (ppm) in black and white and nine ppm in colour. It can also print a 4 x 6-inch indeterminate picture in as low as 10 secs.

The printer also has a fairly fast scanning speed, with the ability to check a full-colour document at 300 dpi in 15 secs. The automated document feeder can check or copy up to 30 web pages each time, which can conserve time for bigger jobs.

The Epson XP-860 is a fast and efficient inkjet printer well-suited for home or small workplace use. While it may not be the fastest printer on the marketplace, its speed is greater than adequate for most users’ needs.

Epson XP-860 How to install

To install the Epson XP-860 printer, you can follow these actions:

  1. Unpack the printer: Remove it from its product packaging and all safety products.
  2. Connect the power cable: Connect the power cable to the printer and an electric electrical outlet.
  3. Transform the printer: Push the power switch to transform the printer.
  4. Install the ink cartridges: Open up the ink cartridge cover and install the ink cartridges according to the instructions.
  5. Load paper: Take out the paper cassette and change the overviews of in shape the dimension of the paper you’re using. After that, load the paper right into the cassette.
  6. Connect the printer to your computer system: You can connect the printer to your computer system using a USB cable television, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet. Follow the instructions provided with the printer to connect it to your computer system.
  7. Install the printer drivers: You’ll need to install the printer drivers software on your computer system to have the ability to print from it. You can do this by using the installation CD with the printer or downloading and installing the drivers from the Epson website.
  8. Follow the triggers: Once you have installed the drivers, follow the triggers on your computer system to complete the configuration process.
  9. Print an examination web page: Once you have finished the configuration process, print an examination web page to ensure that the printer is functioning properly.

Overall, installing the Epson XP-860 printer is a fairly simple process. Follow the instructions provided by the printer, and you should be working quickly.

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